Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wake up, rain dots and forgotten works.

1. Nick wakes from a nightmare and I comfort him. I don't mean that it's beautiful for him to have nightmares, but I like being there to look after him.

2. I see rain dots on the ground that are rapidly turning into one big wet pavement and turn to go back for my umbrella. Then I remember that I have it in my bag.

3. Hunting for work samples to go on my website, I come across several pieces I'd forgotten about, and suddenly feel as if I've achieved more than I thought I had.


  1. It is really nice to be there for someone after they have a nightmare. It's even more nice to have someone there for me after I have one.

  2. My 3BT today -

    Reading on the garden bench (super Persephone book) and smelling the heady scent of hyacinths behind me.

    Watching my big girl go shopping in town with her friend - looking all leggy and grown up!

    Making Tiramasu, and everybody asking for seconds!


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