Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stretching, missing link and music.

1. In the quiet hour before everyone gets up, I do some yoga and feel my muscles stretch out. My favourite part is the relaxing at the end -- having spent nearly an hour concentrating on my body, it's lovely to ignore it for a bit.

2. Realising just how stressful I am finding struggling to get an internet connection, I talk with Katie about some possible solutions. We come up with a temporary arrangement, and now, although a phone wire is draped over door frames and under sofas, I have a reliable connection again.

3. On a whim, Nick takes me a cello recital at King Charles the Martyr -- the church with the ceiling of plaster fruits and palm leaves. They play a piece -- Faure's Sicilienne (you have to wait a minute for the musicians to stop talking) -- which we both recognise. 'What's it from?' I whisper between numbers.