Sunday, April 06, 2008

Stretching, missing link and music.

1. In the quiet hour before everyone gets up, I do some yoga and feel my muscles stretch out. My favourite part is the relaxing at the end -- having spent nearly an hour concentrating on my body, it's lovely to ignore it for a bit.

2. Realising just how stressful I am finding struggling to get an internet connection, I talk with Katie about some possible solutions. We come up with a temporary arrangement, and now, although a phone wire is draped over door frames and under sofas, I have a reliable connection again.

3. On a whim, Nick takes me a cello recital at King Charles the Martyr -- the church with the ceiling of plaster fruits and palm leaves. They play a piece -- Faure's Sicilienne (you have to wait a minute for the musicians to stop talking) -- which we both recognise. 'What's it from?' I whisper between numbers.


  1. 3) What *was* it from? It sounded to me a bit like the Poirot theme tune but I know it isn't.


  2. We had several theories, all of which were proved wrong in the end. It's a mystery.

  3. IT does sound like the Poirot theme....are you SURE it isn't?

  4. Heather, I'm not convinced! This page has a Poirot midi file -- look for the little yellow speaker.

  5. Other contenders were: Lark Rise, Midsomer Murders (briefly) and a documentary about early photography.

    Jonathan Creek (never a serious contender because everyone knows his theme is 'Danse Macabre') was also quickly discounted.

  6. Clare I did some further checking and alas, the Faure is NOT the Poirot theme...THAT was written by Christopher Gunning. You can hear it for yourself by typing poirot theme into google! The same site gives the writer's name and some other details. NOT Faure.


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