Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When hippies attack, daylight hours and detectives.

1. A new term is coined following an argument about whether the office junior is right to be aiming for money and career goals, rather than family or sporting goals, or travel. He shrugs, having been rounded on by a pack of hippies, and says: 'It's all gravy, not pickle.'

2. Hurrying up to Nick's, and even though it's slightly later than usual, there is still light in the sky and birds are singing.

3. Another old friend is on telly tonight -- Mma Ramotswe of the Number One Ladies' Detective Agency.


  1. Thanks for coming over!

    I had a weird conversation the other week - the alien phrase was-

    "They're turnips!"

    West country for something rather inferior!!!

    So excited by 3BT - I think I'm pretty positve most of the time...but now I am thinking of more and more BT's ....for instance the stars are really bright tonight! It's got to be good for your soul!

  2. Great blog...will visit again.

  3. This is my BT for today. My chook died today, she had lived a long and happy life of ten years. I found her just curled up in her yard, it looked she was asleep. Most chooks don't get to go that way. Her friend Rosy who is also ten is still happy and healthy. Chooks make great pets and my family has had old chook since she was an egg. We hatched her out in our sunroom. ED from Canberra.

  4. Chook? Please define this for those of us on THIS side of the pond??

  5. Heather -- It's a hen. ED is from Australia -- I guess us Brits have a working knowledge of Australian words from our abiding love of Aussie soaps.

    ED -- sorry about your loss :-( But it is a lovely way to go. There's a lady over here who advocates retired battery chickens as pets -- -- she says they are like dogs with feathers.

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment. Your friend is right about them being dogs with feathers. ED.

  7. Dear Ed
    Sorry about your chook - our favourite died in Jan, and we still miss her - her friendly nature spurred us on to get more chickens - and on Easter Sunday we and our first set of chicks - a very special moment!


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