Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Camellia, shut up and caramel.

1. Under every camellia in the street is a pile of discarded blossoms.

2. An unpleasant lady flumphs herself down on the sofa in the middle of the gallery to have a stressy phone conversation -- 'I want to speak to a man, not a woman... I said I wanted to speak to a man.' I stop enjoying the pictures, and feel myself stiffening.
Then the museum attendant comes across the hall and tells her off: 'We don't allow phones in the gallery.'
'I'm sorry, I'm on the phone.'
'I said we don't allow phones in the gallery.'
The phone lady stomps out.

3. Watching sugar melt; and the smell of caramel in the flat.


  1. I felt a little thrill of pleasure on reading that the telephone woman was thrown out of the gallery.

  2. Have just enjoyed catching up on these. Approve of how often cake/cake related products appear!

  3. Autumn in Canberra. A camellia hedge in bloom. Pink ruffles amongst glossy green leaves. Trees glowing red and gold. Leaves scattered across the footpath and blown into piles. ED Canberra.

  4. I just started this meme! Mine is up!!

  5. Very yummy food and poems!!! ;)

  6. What did the caramel go on?
    So many questions.

  7. @ Plutarch -- they didn't throw her far enough, in my opinion...

    @ Kiki -- thank you very much!

    @ Joe -- I watered it down and poured it over slices of orange.

  8. Hooray for attentive attendants!


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