Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heroine, more important things and fat cakes.

1. I am hurrying up the stairs to a seminar. Ahead of me is a lady, hurrying too. She says: 'Is this the way to the children's book seminar.' 'I think so -- the one with Jane Nissen.' 'Oh that's me.' So I get a chance to quickly tell her how much I appreciate her rescuing Marigold in Godmother's House. The seminar was about resurrecting children's books that had fallen out of print -- the market is parents who want to share the books they loved with the next generation.

2. The lift comes, but Elizabeth and I are too busy looking out of the window at London.

3. A mysterious box of birthday cakes with thick swirls of creamy icing has been delivered to the house by the Fenella Fairy.


  1. No fans of the fenella fairy in my house. she stole all my cakes!

  2. I love the sound of the cakes - wish you had posted a photograph!

    Do you read Persephone books? I adore them - the transport you back in time, and are gloriously written.

  3. did it happen to be cream-cheese icing? 'cause i love that stuff.

  4. Clare - did Fenella home-make your cakes and icing, and would she share the recipe? They sound so yummy....FGL

  5. The Fenella Fairy's top secret (only whilst cooking equipment is in moving boxes - hopefully normal home baked service will resume shortly) is to go to the John Lewis Food Hall - newly opened near Oxford Circus and chose from a mouth wateringly tempting range of dainty cakes and fantastic dinner party cheat desserts.


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