Sunday, April 13, 2008

Giant buttercups, take note and melted cheese.

1. At the farmers market are pots of ranunculuses. Katie says they remind her of cabbages. I can see the resemblance in size, but I secretly wonder what the hell sort of cabbages leaves are egg yolk yellow with scarlet edges.

2. Today, I have decided, is appreciate your musical friends day. One of my favourite muscial friends is Oli the songwriter-- I spent a happy hour or two listening to his subversive tunes, which can be tried out on Amie Street. My favourites from the days when he gave me lifts into work to a soundtrack of demo tapes are Bald Eagle and Tunbridge Wells. Since I last checked, he has put up California of the Mind, in which you can find a stash of Beach Boys references. But perhaps most subversive of all is Bored of the Beatles.

3. Cheese on toast -- I love watching it cook.

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  1. Hi Clare

    1 Repaired Kitchen Aid returns (free of charge) so I can make bread.

    2 Baked bread - ahhh smells lovely.

    3 Eat bread - yummy!

    I'm easily pleased!


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