Friday, August 28, 2009

Chin up, soup and broken bell.

I'm loving Anke's series on Tunbridge Wells at War. This entry in particular is wonderful. It's about the astonishing funds raised for the war effort.

1. "You're not letting it get to you, are you," the job centre officer asks. "Remember it's not personal."

2. I like a squashy ripe tomato chopped up and dropped into my soup towards the end of cooking.

3. The broken bell clonk of an empty milk bottle being put on the doorstep.


  1. I thought you said on #@ the tomato was chewed up oops my mistake! had to reread,

  2. Ahh, that first me. I take things very personal at work lately, and it's so hard to not internalize. thanks for the reminder of "chin up"


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