Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wheat, big cats and turnips.

1. In a car passing a field where, amid a cloud of dust, a combine harvester is pouring a stream of red-gold wheat grains into a trailer.

2. We were lucky enough to catch a WHF open day and spent a couple of hours marvelling at the big cats there. I've never seen a tiger close to, and I hadn't realised they were such a beautiful rusty tawny orange. I happened to be standing near when a visitor received his raffle prize: to hand-feed a tiger. He got strict instructions to tuck his fingers in, and he looked very nervous as he offered the chicken thigh through the fence. The tiger reared up (one enormous paw pressed to the wire) and took it in one scronching bite.

3. Turnips loll in the vegetable patch showing off their broad puce shoulders.


  1. While walking through a typical pet store I once met a couple taking a baby tiger to a nature preserve. They were very friendly and allowed me to pet their "kitten". I was surprised that his fur was so rough, and amused that this creature the size of a Chihuahua maintained such an air of swaggering confidence.

  2. When Rosey and I were in Namibia, we got to stroke some 'pet' cheetas. I was surprised at how rough they were -- like a dusty old carpet! They purred, as well.


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