Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get out, new news and raspberries.

1. I am feeling mopish -- again -- so I'm very glad to get an early morning email from my father suggesting that I meet my mother at the station for a day of hanging out with Granny Pat.

2. Granny asks -- again -- what I'm doing these days. I tell her -- again -- "I'm getting married in November." She clasps her hands in delight and says "Oh good, I'm so pleased." We are both as happy with this news as we were the first time we exchanged it.

3. I like to reach deep into the forest of raspberry canes to find secret fruit -- velvet soft like horses noses, falling to pieces in my hand like broken beadwork.


  1. how sweet, I can taste those raspberries.
    wish I had my grandma to give me a hug and be excited with me today! treasure every moment of it

  2. i love number 2! so cute...
    just got married myself and LOVED the whole experience. sooooo fun!

  3. Raspberries soft as horse noses is just so perfect, one of those things I can't think why it's never occurred before and yet it's so utterly original...

  4. Thank you -- I was rather pleased with it. It's amazing the links that your brain makes you relax and let yourself experience something.

  5. Great wording on that last one. A bramble that we overlooked is bearing fruit under one of the bushes in the garden. I'm tempted to pick them for me, but think perhaps the blackbirds will enjoy them more.


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