Sunday, August 09, 2009

Producer, plane flying over and Freecycle.

1. He asks what I want, and I say: 'The goats cheese with honey.' And that is what he buys. The stallholder takes the money and says 'Thanks.' And then he looks at me and says: 'Thank you, too.'

2. A loud, low growling plane flies over, and Nick leaves the washing up and goes out to look. "A Spitfire. You could tell by the engine noise that it was something special.'

3. It's late, but she comes to pick up my unwanted handblender. It's good to have another bit of space in the flat.


  1. These are awesome. :) I hope you are doing great!

  2. Freecycle is truly a beautiful thing. We Freecycled our old telly and the guy that responded asked us if we would drop it round. In the end he turned up to collect it and we understood - he was five foot nothing and couldn't have been over 14 years old. He refused all offers of help and was dwarfed by the TV as he carried it down the stairs to the waiting taxi.

    A few days later we got an email.

    "Thanks for the telly, it's brilliant. I use it to play Guitar Hero in my bedroom."


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