Monday, August 17, 2009

Kite, eavesdropping and send-off.

This morning, I'm on A Handful of Stones.

1. She is trying to fly a tiny kite, but doesn't know you have to face into the wind. I liked hearing a shout, and seeing that, by chance, she'd got it airborne.

2. Nick is sitting on the doorstep polishing shoes. I like to overhear him talking with our neighbours about the cucumbers I have grown.

3. I send off three tiny stories to a competition, and I feel as if I've achieved something.


  1. Reading a fortnight of 3BT in a single sitting is a delight. It fills the imagination with a procession of polished images. Thank you.

  2. My niece had a little kite the other day... clearly broken & would never fly. So fun to see her try and try and try again... finally asking me why the kite would not fly.

  3. I like the way two of these have tiny somethings in them, and the other (#2) has tiny somethings that are intent on growing fast!

  4. Ohhhh, tiny and little and small are a bad habit of mine. I have to watch them, or they get into everything.


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