Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brick, the finding and marble.

1. Treading on a loose brick in the pavement and hearing it go "collop".

2. I lose Nick while shopping -- a combination of my dreaminess and the crowds. I like to catch sight of his head behind a book display.

3. Ladelling mulled wine into a pair of goblets made from purbeck marble. Purbeck marble is really polished limestone, not marble at all. It's packed full of fossils. Every time I use these goblets I spot something new -- this time, two translucent spots on my goblet distinguishes it from Nick's. The wine was good, too.


  1. Those goblets sound wonderful. I love mulled wine but hate red wine at other times of the year! It's got to be mulled for me!

    Julie xx

  2. #3 and the visual images! Awesome!


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