Thursday, December 10, 2009

Early delivery, in the mist and sketch.

1. Days when the Abel and Cole man arrives super early, because he knocks on the door and hands me the boxes with a big smile.

2. On a misty day, walking along Mount Ephraim looking over an unfamiliar town. It's a view that never gets tired. Every change in the vault of sky above renews the tiny moving town below.

3. I'm really enjoying Laura Solon's Talking and Not Talking sketch show on Radio 4. One of the characters is a deposed dictator who has moved to England and horrifies those who try to be kind to her. Another is an exotic, spoilt lady who lives in houseful of 'women', apparently servants at her beck and call, but at the end of each story, they lock her in her room.


  1. Is it just me or are the A & C deliverers so much nicer than other people that come to ones house? perhaps they really love their job? or perhaps they love how pleased we are when they hand us the weekly box?

  2. Hi Clare,

    Have just done my 3BT post over at: Still amazed at the coincidence of the other day!!!



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