Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fever, striped and book in the bath.

1. Nick is feverish. I sponge his forehead and raid the emergency box for paracetamol and Ribena.

2. Red, white and green striped pasta.

3. A blue and bubbly bath and the new Terry Pratchett book.


  1. How would Pratchett's writing be for teen readers?
    Was Nation good - I was looking at availables over on Amazon.

  2. Sorry to hear Nick is unwell. Hope he picks up soon - perhaps you should read some Terry Pratchett to him?

  3. Good thinking, Flea. He's got a Biggles book on the go, but I'll see if he could fancy something else as well.

    Larry -- Pratchett is ideal for teen readers -- the stories can be read on several levels, and they whack along at a good pace.

    Mort, Masquerade and Sorcery both have young protagonists, and so does the under-rated Eric. For younger teenage girls, the Tiffany Aching books are particularly good. And Nation is splendid, too -- though it's not set on Discworld.

    My personal favourites are Witches Abroad and The Truth.

  4. Yay, go the Ribeana...cure all lol I love hot Ribeana when I'm sick! I hope he gets well soon :)

  5. Poor Nick. And poor Clare having to take care of him. Soak in the bath a little longer.

  6. I ordered the first of (discworld) so I'll have my pratchett soon!
    thanks for the recommend :)

  7. Great, I hope you enjoy it, Larry.


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