Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Doughball, can't wake up and my evening.

1. Dough bumbles round the breadmaker pan like a stout creature in an exercise ball.

2. The butcher is alarmed and bemused by his slowness. "I just want to put my head down and have a 10-minute kip." I tell him that I think that's a reasonable response to this sort of greyish day, when it doesn't really get light. He smiles and says he supposes it is.

3. I'd forgotten football night -- that means for me a hot bath and a good book (Whitechapel, a novel about a Victorian thug forced to play detective against Jack the Ripper).


  1. #3- I've always enjoyed grabbing an evening for myself when my husband goes out. It's a little treat in the change of routine.

  2. The sheer honesty of your butcher, all he wants is to put his head down and have a 10-minute kip. Makes me smile and feel like everything's OK. 3BT is a snapshot of life and a reminder that everything really is going to be just fine.

  3. That's the most perfect description of a breadmaker in action !


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