Sunday, December 06, 2009

Long light, jam turnover and soda.

Three Beautiful Things weekly round-up
If you 3BT regularly, please let me know -- I love reading other people's beautiful things.

1. In the middle of the morning, I go out to the bins, and stand astonished (rubbish in my hand) at the golden winter light and long shadows.

2. He makes a jam turnover with the leftover pastry and marks it with our initials. At teatime, I get ticked off for picking the wrong half.

3. Last thing at night, to pour some soda crystals down the sink to keep the drains sweet. I like to break up the lumps in the powder through the plastic bag.


  1. That winter light is something special.The sun low in the sky is sometime like a spotlight.

  2. It takes someone special to see the beauty in clearing the drains!


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