Thursday, December 17, 2009

First snow, hot potato and Christmas show.

1. I come out of the bookshop and fragments of snow are falling. At first I think it must be fake, blown from a display somewhere, because no-one else is reacting. But then two women pass me and I overhear: "Is it snowing? It's snowing, isn't it." I walk home on light feet with a huge smile on my face.

2. Taking a hot baked potato out of the oven.

3. I go to see A Christmas Carol at Trinity. It's a very spare production with a cast of eight playing multiple parts, but it's very cleverly done. A lot of the 'scenery' is created using a Greek-style chorus. The words are all Dickens', too, which is wonderful, particularly if you've recently read the book. Afterwards, I tell Caroline (who saw it the day before for reviewing purposes) that I wouldn't have minded seeing it all over again. She agrees.


  1. I've never understood people saying "it's a hot potato" as if that's a bad thing, because cold they're no good to man nor beast.

    I just knew one of your 3BT would be about the snow but that didn't make it any less lovely.

  2. I can't help it -- snow makes me grin like an idiot.

    When we had the big snow earlier this year, I had to go into work and couldn't leave until after dark. I actually cried because I missed out on frollicking in a winter wonderland.

    For me, one of the carrots about going freelance is the ability to get out and enjoy unusual conditions; and the thought of missing them is a big knobbly old stick.

  3. Oh, and the hot potato -- yes, they're not so good cold, but you still don't want to hold a hot one in your bare hands!

    I get this image of someone digging a potato out of the fire, and picking it up. It's so hot, but they can't spoil it by dropping it on the ground, so they throw it to the next person, who then has the same dilemma.

    A hot potato isn't just something people don't want and so pass on -- it's something they want, but don't want to (or can't) deal with.

  4. Oooh how magical - the first few snow flakes falling - beautiful. We are dur to have snow here but si far its just cold, drizzly and gloomy - more likely to get sleet and rain I think.

    I haven't had a baked potatoe done in the oven for years. I put them in the microwave for speed (and laziness!) But there's an ad on TV at the momet for butter and it goes on about the virtues of baking the potatoe in the oven and shows one sizling away in the oven - that and your blog posting might well make me change my ways!


  5. hot baked of my favorite comfort foods. And I always cook them in the oven. Takes an hour but its worth it!

  6. My top baked potato tip is to stick an oiled metal skewer through them, and rub the potatoes with oil, too. I usually put them in the oven with a stew.

  7. Well, I had to do it...had a baked potato for dinner. :)


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