Saturday, December 26, 2009

Purple bubbles, the bird and port of call.

1. We drink fizzy wine while lying in a bath full of bubbles. For the rest of the day our skin and the bathroom (and the towels and our flannels) smell of violets. I think (so far) that Bathos is my favourite of all Lush's bubble bars.

2.Nick, who is carving the chicken, says: "Yummo. It's really good. Do you want some?" and he puts a fragment of white meat in my mouth. It is moist and fragrant -- everything I'd hoped for. "Well done Delia," I say -- her book is still open on the table. And then remembering Katie-who-I-used-to-live-with's custom of praising the beast on the table, "Well done chicken."

3. A man in a sky blue jumper and a gold party hat comes out of his house, goes into the garage and takes a bottle of port back inside to his guests.


  1. Well said....I can taste the chicken...
    I want to be at that party~
    I am finding three beautiful things quite easy these days~L0ve the holidays!

  2. Your post made me smile as I could smell the violets! I used to love those violet flavoured little sweets you used to get in a tin - they are wonderful and I hadn't had any for years but you reminded me that I must seek some out!

    Julie xx


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