Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saving grace, viewer and film India.

1. We follow the herd to M&S for an eat-in-for-£10 offer. I push through the scrum to get a bottle of wine, a small chicken, a bag of prepared vegetables and two chocolate-toffee-cream confections. The check-out man says: "Do you want to know how much you've saved?" Of course we do -- he tells us it's £6.

2. A lady comes to view the flat. We've worked hard to make it appealing, and she is positive -- says of the eight she's seen today, this is one of two that she likes.

3. We watch Om Shanti Om. I've never seen a Bollywood film before. Nick, judging by his familiarity with the stars who made guest appearances at an award ceremony after-party song and dance number, has seen a great many. The word "bonkers" springs to mind, with the random song and dance numbers and the bizarre plot which relies on the hero being re-born in order to avenge himself on the baddie -- but I'm still humming the tunes this morning, and it was a good piece of escapism.


  1. Yes Claire--Bollywood is mostly all about escapism:-) The music is of course an essential part!

  2. I love Bollywood films and saw Om Shanti Om in the cinema. It was great, silly fun. If it whetted your appetite at all try Salaam-e-Ishq which is kind of a Bollywood take on Love, Actually but considerably better in every way.


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