Monday, November 01, 2010

Changing times, local paper and nasturtium.

1. The clocks go back today -- which means we'll get up in daylight again on work days. We're looking forward to our lie-in tomorrow.

2. One of the books I dug up recently was The Framley Examiner. It's based on a website offering archives of a lovingly realised fictional local paper. If you've ever worked for a local paper, you'll recognise the characters -- the local politician with a strange obsession; the local businessmen pushing a doomed product; reporters unhinged, incompetent and arrogant; and village news correspondents who email 8MB bitmap scans of their minutes. You'll recognise the errors caused by woolly thinking, careless subs, burnt-out contributors and editors desperate to fill the space.

3. A self-seeded nasturtium sprouted late this summer in one of my pots. I think the seed must have been buried quite deep, and the shoot was late because it was working its way up. It's put out orange flowers, which are still going strong and bringing a welcome splash of clear, living colour -- as opposed to the dying reds and suffering yellows of autumn.

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  1. I can the photo of #3 with my mind. You have a wonderful way with words, Clare!


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