Friday, November 05, 2010

Put together, tasting notes and the party continues.

1. I am really appreciating my freezer -- I don't so much make a moussaka for supper as assemble it.

2. Tina brings a bottle of wine -- she says she selected it for the tasting notes on the label, which list its charms as black cherries, toasted wood and vanilla. I take a sip of Nick's and find the cherries, and the vanilla. I think the wood needs more time.

3. I go off to bed, and lie there dozing and reading poetry and listening to Nick and Tina laughing downstairs.


  1. that sounds wonderful, i love listening to my children laughing in the our home as they wont be with me forever, so i treasure these moments,

  2. I like that picture, laying in bed dozing listening in

  3. Dozing is a wonderful state of being!


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