Monday, November 22, 2010

Late bee, taking tea and winter duvet.

There's a new edition of Sarah Salway's extraordinary book Something Beginning With... It's a love story written in alphabetical order, and Neil Gaiman is a fan.

1. A bumble bee out late in the year works at the lemon yellow berberis bells.

2. Tea for two in front of a log fire, with a waiter who kept telling us "There's no hurry. You've got as long as you want." In between sandwiches, scones and cakes, we look over our wedding photographs.

3. We put the winter duvet on the bed and snuggle underneath it.


  1. You asked us to mention if our 3BT blog isn't up on your honor roll: mine is

  2. Thank you Natalie! You're on the Roll.

  3. Yes - under the warmth of the winter blankets, feeling safe with cold noses.
    Finally got a 3bt up myself, not often enough

  4. all the very best for tomorrow, or whenever it happens. I'm thrilled at your news and will write more later - when you will be too busy to read it or reply no doubt! I've loved following your adventures over the last couple of years or so. You both deeply deserve all the happiness you share and the delight that will come to you, Warmest love, Alison


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