Sunday, November 28, 2010

Foodie, still waiting and squirrel.

1. After breakfast, Nick sits up in bed with the magical recipe book sent to us by Joe in Vegas. It's a stout and hefty volume specialising in west coast food. There's an entire section -- with trouble-shooting tips -- on cheesecake, which is Nick's absolute favourite thing in the world.

2. In the shop where we buy our dried fruit, the lady at the till says: "Haven't you had that baby yet? You've been pregnant for ages."

3. A squirrel sits high in a tree, tail curled over its head, chattering to itself -- possibly complaining about the problems it's been having digging beech mast out of the frozen soil. 


  1. Funny noise squirrels make, as though there is a duck inside trying to get out.

  2. I've been having a feel-bad day and simply reading about Nick's love for cheesecake makes me feel a smidgeon brighter! Your daily appreciation for the small things in life brings me way back down to Earth. Thanks :)

  3. Joe -- it is a very strange noise, isn't it!

    Anisaar -- thanks for letting me know. I'm glad I cheered you up :-) Do check out a few of the Roll of Honour blogs if you want more cheer.

    When there's cheese cake in the canteen at Nick's work, I always hear about it -- but I've never been brave enough to try making one myself.

  4. hee hee, it must be a Nick thing, mine's obsessed with cheesecake too!!

  5. Writing Magazine pointed me to this blog - I love it! I'm going to try and take up the challenge. Great timing too, with Thanksgiving just over. Thank you!

  6. You know, Nick can learn to make cheesecake himself - then you can eat some too.

  7. #2 made me smile. I'll bet it does feel like you've been pregnant forever!

  8. Clare,
    as a fellow fanatic, I couldn't shake the need to spread the cheesecake love, so if you dare, I highly recommend this New York Cheesecake []

    Cheesecake isn't something that can be ignored once it's been sat on the brain for a few days - Nick will know what I'm talking about. So take his hand and have a crack at it, it requires very little faff! A word of warning on the waterbath though; it really is as it sounds, just put the cake pan in a bigger container half-filled with water. Just don't forget to wrap some foil around the base of the tin first, or you'll have yourself a soggy base conundrum.

    I hope you, Nick, BB and the cheesecake will be very happy together.


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