Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day off, robin and midwife.

Two more new 3BTers today -- Africa, My Africa (a teacher working in Uganda) and Crazy Thoughts from Slovenia. I've added them both to the Roll of Honour -- please email me and let me know if you should be on the roll but aren't.

1. Nick takes a day off work -- he has holiday to use up before Christmas, and we are very aware that time for the two of us will be in short supply very soon.

2. While we are eating lunch a robin comes down to inspect the back yard. There was a robin who joined a sea eagle warden in his study on Autumn Watch earlier this week, and I've always been a little envious of my parents' robin, too.

3. We go to another antenatal class -- this time with independent midwife Anja Metzner. She is very refreshingly direct, excusing lines such as "Midwives get very excited about poo" and "When talk about sex to get labour going, I really mean lovemaking" with "I'm sorry, I am German". I feel very privileged to have a share of her passion and wisdom, and at the end, I overhear Nick telling someone: "I think I'm ready for it now."

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