Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Next generation, like sand and communication.

Lynne Hackles wrote about her Golden Notebook habit in a comment yesterday. She writes about her notebook (and more generally about being a writer in her blog -- I Should Be Writing.

1. A red-headed boy carrying a copy of the Financial Times is taking long steps to keep up with his father.

2. I am learning to love the process of rubbing fat into flour.

3. Nick comes home with his first mobile -- which is sad in the same way that a child starting school is sad, or asking you not to hold his hand any more. But with BB on the way, I'm glad I can communicate with him when he's not in the office or at home. I was having visions of ringing South Eastern to ask if they would put an announcement out at the London terminus: "Would Mr Nicholas Law please go home as his wife is in labour."


  1. Nick? With a mobile??? First sign of the apocalypse if you ask me ;)

  2. I know! Are you starting to wonder if I've eaten him and replaced him with an Auton replica?

  3. Best not to leave him by any naked flames then, in case he melts...

  4. I was in my early 30s when I got my first mobile.

    Only because hubby sat in the car in the summer sun for 3 hours waiting for me because he didn't know where on campus I was.

    Turned out I was in a room in the building just behind the hedge where he was parked. But he was out of my line of vision.

    Now I can't do without one. This is the beginning of the end for Nick...

  5. I'm glad you will be able to communicate with Nick. Best of luck when the baby comes.

  6. Katherine emailed to ask:

    "In the event that you don't have a cell phone, should you, perchance, get one in the event that you aren't near a land line when you go into labor?"

  7. Katherine -- I've had a mobile for years -- I couldn't do my job without it.


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