Saturday, November 06, 2010

No coat, flowers and fizzy wine.

1. It's wet and windy, but I only have to walk about 50 paces to work. I don't even bother putting on a coat.

2. Nick brings me  flowers -- they are the colour of broken orange pekoe tea with no milk. He says there is one extra in the bunch: the florist had a leftover from making a floral spaniel for someone's birthday.

3. I have been craving fizzy wine for weeks -- imagine waking up at 3am and wanting it so much you can feel the stem of the glass in your hand. I give in and have a glass with my supper (toast and gooseberry jam).


  1. Clare, you have such a lovely husband. #2 is my favorite.

  2. It's funny the cravings you get - the first indication I had that I was pregnant was when i really craved a carrot!

  3. Lynn -- those cravings are so graphic and specific, aren't they! It's even odder when it's non-food items. My chiropracter was saying she crunched her way through bowls of ice, and that her grandmother ate coal!

    Rosebud -- Nick says to tell you that he's just swept the whole of the downstairs, too! Now he's polishing shoes.

  4. I thought it looked like there was a flower missing from my floral spaniel...

  5. Lucy -- I hope you think it was worth the sacrifice!


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