Thursday, February 24, 2011

The answer, sweet meat and baby talk.

Imperfect Pages posted recently about how her 3BT habit helped her in the never-ending mothering and work dilemma.

1. My first thought on waking is: "Has Alec survived the night?" Today, before I have a chance to roll over and reassure myself that he hasn't died or been stolen, I get my answer in the form of a loud fart.

2. Oli drops by -- he brings a new baby gift, a beautiful leg of lamb from our favourite butcher. I shall cook it on Friday

3. In every shop people ask how old Alec is, and come over to look at him snuggled in the sling. Walking home through the park I meet our neighbour -- she stands on tiptoes to see him, and marvels at the difference a few weeks makes.