Saturday, February 05, 2011

Right angles, better day and roquet.

1. Muslin squares. Alec possets down my neck, and there is one to hand. When his nose is snotty, a square is there; when I am soaking his babygrow with milk during a feed; when we need a cover-up; when we need an emergency nappy, or a bib.

2. Today is a much better day than yesterday.

3. A lone player practises his croquet-shots on the lawn in the park.


  1. You are doing so well!
    My baby turned one just before christmas... and muslin squares seem so long ago! But I still have a stash, just in case : )

    I hope you don't mind my first comment... it's not meant to be condescending... but as one newish mother to another... keep it up, wonderwoman!

  2. Thanks Myrope -- I appreciate all the kind comments :-) All mothers are wonderwomen. How do people with actually difficult babies do it? I know that there babies who are like Alec was on Thursday ALL THE TIME. It was just a bad day because he's usually an angel.

    I can't imagine life without muslin squares right now.

  3. Well done Clare. It's such a rollercoaster, these early days. And it's so true all mums are wonderwomen. I remember after having my first, having this kind of revelation, thinking about all the people I knew who had children, and thinking "they did this". I just had this overwhelming respect for anyone who had ever gone through the experience of looking after a baby and all that it entails.

  4. I love following Alec's story as shared by his wonderful Mum. Long ago, when I had four littlies under five and I was complaining about my lot in life, my Dad said, "Just enjoy them. They will grow up all to quickly." When the eldest turned 21 those words rang in my ear as if Dad had only said them yesterday. Yes there are bad days but they always make the good days look even better. Keep up the good work. You're blog is such easy reading.


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