Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rock on, Mr Cool and no longer the centre of attention.

1. Turning home made rock cakes out of the tin and on to one of the best plates.

2. The other NCT ladies refer to Alec as 'Mr Cool' because they never see him crying: he's either asleep, feeding or sucking on my finger when they're around. I'm quite pleased when he fusses for a feed in front of them -- just so they know he can be angry if he likes.

3. One lovely consequence of Alec's new passion for kicking dangling toys is that I am no longer always the most important thing in the room -- which means I can make myself some lunch without him calling for me.


  1. Wow, I hope someday I have a baby that my friends can call "Mr. Cool" and I can actually wish would fuss. Lucky you! :)

  2. Love all three of these. :-)


  3. Mr Cool - how lovely! Hope you're getting enough sleep, you're blogging quite late!


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