Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zesty, crocuses and you're a good man.

Jonathan Becker emailed to tell me about his website Optimistly, which is all about self discovery. He writes perceptively about simple steps you can take to improve your life, including the use of positive thinking.

Also Greg Lord has started a 3BT blog at Three Brilliant Things and Kim has been recording her beautiful things at Skybelle Arts.

1. I come back from an emergency cream cheese run to find the kitchen smells strongly of oranges -- when I realised I didn't have the right ingredients for Nick's birthday cheese cake I'd been grating orange zest.

2. Our neighbours have in their garden a few deep space purple crocuses.

3. Human Planet -- Mountains. In the making of segment at the end, we discover that Kazak hunters have 300 words for horse colours. The chap with the camera rides gamely for three hours after the truck breaks down and the hunter tells him: "You're a good man. Apart from your nose." There's a pause. "It's too big, you mean?" "Yes. You'll get frostbite."