Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sense of scale, treasure house and checking the colour.

1. We pass boys in blazers walking home from the grammar school. The first years are tiny under their huge rucksacks. Then I look at Alec in his pram and they seem like giants.

2. On a grey day of blurry rain, the bright fresh colours of fruit and vegetables in the cavernous green grocers are very appealing.

3. While I am feeding Alec, Nick brings my cake in so I can see if it is properly browned.

4. There was a romanesco cauliflower in our veggie box. We spend some time after supper admiring its mathematical spirals and pinnacles.

Picture from Stock.xchng


  1. 1 & 4 connect beautifully if you think about fractals !!! Thanks for introducing me. I'll look out for that cauli! Looks gorgeous.

  2. this picture really grabbed my attention. So cool!

  3. I loved number 1 because it so true about children growing up and the different stages of wonder. My kids are grown and out of the house now, but I still see their changes.

    The picture of the cauliflower is really cool. I suppose that one reason it has "flower" in its name because you can see the beauty of this veggie as it grows.

  4. Fractal cauliflowers, a message from on high?


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