Saturday, February 19, 2011

Easy morning, band leader and sponge cake.

1. Once Nick has left for work, I bring Alec into our bed, and we spend the morning feeding and dozing and chatting.

2. "What's his name?" asks Granny again. "Alexander -- Alec." And she sings Alexander's Ragtime Band for him, filling in the lines about Swanee River that I had forgotten. Later she picks up When We Were Very Young and treats us to They're Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace.

3. The mother has brought a cake filled with marmalade. The bitterness works very well with the sweet sponge.


  1. I love #1, Clare! What a precious and sacred time for both you and Alec!

  2. How you must cherish this time! And especially your grandmother's singing. Oh my goodness - how lovely.


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