Saturday, February 12, 2011

At home, survival situation and crumpets.

1. Nick decides he is ill enough to work from home.

2. Alec is looking peaky, and coughing occasionally. I call the health visitor, and she gives me a list starting with saline nose drops, and ending with toast and butter and marmalade (for us). "You're in a survival situation with both of you ill," she says. "Don't do any cooking -- eat what you've got in the freezer. That's what it's there for."

3. Toasted crumpets with plenty of butter and salt. I can't taste much -- but I can taste salt.


  1. Sorry to hear you are all sick, Clare! I hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Get well soon - I am a firm believer in the therapeutic effects of marmalade!

  3. There's nothing worse being sick while baby's sick. I do hope you up and well again soon....and congratulations on still being able to find beauty in your day!!!

  4. Your health visitor sounds like a cracker, this is excellent advice - just wanted to say how brilliant I think you are fitting in the blog amongst the (wonderful) chaos of a new baby. Hope you all feel better soon.

  5. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

    To cheer you up there's a picture of a much younger Nick over on HeroPress today:

    Where has our youth gone...?


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