Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Putting the rubbish out, settling and not settling.

1. The late night sound of Nick sorting out the recycling boxes ready for the early morning pick-up.

2. Alec is agitated. He won't be put down, and when we hold him, he jerks his arms and legs furiously.  I hold him firmly against my chest until he calms down enough to take a feed. I wish I could console his whole future in the same way.

3. Making a start on the biography of Barbara Pym (A Very Private Eye: Diaries, Letters and Notebooks) that Sarah lent me. The undergraduate letters make me want to thump the man she is in love with -- he sounds horrible (despite his beautiful suits and lovely eyes). Actually, I want to thump BP for giving so much time and energy to him.


  1. Your comment about holding him to your chest brought tears to me. Don't you wish so hard you could make it all better forever by doing that? If only it stayed so simple...


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