Thursday, June 06, 2013

Crossing, entertainment and round the garden.

1. We are trying to cross the road and a driver stops for us. I point out that there's traffic coming the other way, but he shakes his head and waits some more until it is safe for us to go over.

2. A lovely Polish grandmother and her small granddaughter play with Alec while I sit in the shade. She doesn't speak much English and I don't know any Polish but we get along. She tells me off for wearing a v-neck when I have a cough and recommends honey, milk and garlic. All the while she is popping snacks into her granddaughter's mouth like a bird with a nestling (Alec gets his share, too). The children chase Alec's yellow ball round the basketball court and climb up the five-bar fence in an un-nerving way (I'm secretly proud to see Alec practising something new).

3. Alec conks out very early in the evening and I find I have an hour all to myself. I do some watering and weeding and enjoy the garden smells of broken vegetation and wet earth.