Friday, June 28, 2013

In attendance, too excited and confirmation.

1a. A visit from Godfather Timothy -- Nick is home too, so there's lots of gamer catching up to do. They take Alec out to the park, where they are compelled to play firefighters.

1. There is a bus waiting to take me up to the top of town... and after my appointment, another bus is waiting to take me home.

2. I am trying so hard to be calm so I can help Alec off to sleep, but he knows what's going on: "The roses are blooming and the baby is coming," he says. In the end I have to hand him over to Nick so that I can sit quietly to provide the midwives with a good account of contractions and the baby's movements.

3. The moment the midwife confirms (turn away now, those of delicate sensibility) by looking at the shell pink fluid on my pad (you can turn back) that my waters have broken.