Thursday, June 13, 2013

Melon, not cleaning up and easily confused.

All you UK parents and grandparents, please consider signing this petition to keep sales reps out of post-natal wards where they hassle and distress new parents. Here are some details about the campaign on Mumsnet and here's the petition.

1a. Alec climbs out of bed and walks off clutching a pillow that is the same size as his body. He says that it's hay for his horse. I find it later in the bathroom.

1. A cooling slice of perfectly ripe melon.

2. I tend not to deal with food that Alec rejects until the end of the day. This is why. At supper time he asked for the ho' chocola' he didn't finish at breakfast. 'It's cold chocolate milk now,' I told him as I handed him the cup.
He drank it down in one. 'Thank you much, Mummy.'

3. I find myself explaining that a woman horse is indeed called a mare, but this is not the same as the 'mayor wife' who Alec saw at the fire station open day on Saturday.
'What a little girl horse?'
'A filly, I think.'
Then, with a lot of hope in his voice, 'Do you have a filly in your tummy?'