Friday, June 21, 2013

Roses, cupcakes and early.

1. My mother brings me birthday flowers -- the first magenta Rosa rugosa bloom is particularly welcome.

2. Tiny cupcakes with a swirl of raspberry icing on top.

3. Nick comes home early.


  1. Happy birthday! (Or belated happy birthday if it was yesterday!)

    Hope you had/are having a lovely day :)

  2. Happy Birthday, whichever day it was/is. Our middle son, Harry is 26 tomorrow and coming home with his French girlfriend Claire next weekend.
    All the best if "it" happens soon. Though I remember Alex was late. I bet he still does things in his own time, "when he's ready"!

    I love how you talk about sometimes allowing him to really experience his moods, instead of just comforting and trying to get him out of them. I think that approach is good when dealing with older family members as well. With love

  3. Thanks Louisa and Alison!

    Alec was indeed late -- I'm trying to be more patient this time round.

  4. Rosa rugosa has the best smell, Bron used to grow them & taught me about plant names, the leaves are really rugose.

    1. I love it too. I think this particular one came from a cutting of Bron's.

  5. Even more special. I still have some of hers too.


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