Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doing well, helping in the garden and helping hand.

1. The waitress praises Alec's good behaviour. I think she can't have noticed that he spent most of the meal on my knee and that he was at the centre of everyone's attention throughout. 

2. Half listening to my dad and Alec out in the garden. They are planting up some tomatoes and a cucumber for me. I remember very clearly 'helping' in the same way when I was small.

3. Such a relaxing day -- lunch out, then Rosey amuses Alec for an entire afternoon and helps with supper, bath and story; after that Nick comes home and Alec falls asleep on him.


  1. Your #1 may be exactly the recipe needed for good behavior, closeness and attention . . . hmm, maybe not just for children either.
    There was a time when I always had crayons and small toys in my purse to entertain the nieces and nephews.
    I now usually have my CDs with me, and often give them away to charming and well-behaved (or sometimes troubled) children, but I'm thinking I might just get some crayons to carry as well.
    In one of my favorite restaurants I heard an adult in charge of a fussy child mutter, "What's that Barney song he likes?" I sang it (quietly, as my choir director always asked me to ;-) The child quieted, the adults asked if I could be there next time they come as well.


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