Monday, March 10, 2014

Advice, small action and mango.

1. Alec says to a distraught Bettany "Take a deep breath."

2. Our Abel and Cole veg box this week came with a leaflet which contained the following story:
Some of our pineapples come from small villages in the West African country of Togo. A teacher in one of the villages wrote: "Now that you are regularly selling our pineapples, my school is always full. Beforehand, the children only attended school when their parents didn't need them to go out and sell their fruit in the markets".
For some reason this gives me a lot of satisfaction. I suppose it assuages my guilt about importing tropical fruit; but also it makes me feel happy that a rather small and easy action on my part could do some good in the world.

3. The amount of pleasure a ripe mango gave our family. When she sees me cutting the peach yellow flesh up Bettany shakes her arms and hoots and squwarks until I give her a fist-sized stick carved from the side of the stone to gnaw on. The rest of us enjoy smaller pieces from a single bowl.