Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Schedule, marvel and stopping a bus.

1. Bettany's doctor's appointment is at an absurd time, right in the middle of supper. I am so glad I realised that it would be easier to get the children out of the house and give them a picnic tea in the park on the way.

2. I  listen with astonishment as a woman in the waiting room tells me that 15 months ago her son lost a slice of his lower leg in a motorcycle accident -- but that they've been regrowing the bone on a frame, stretching it millimetre by millimetre, and that they've taken muscle from his shoulder to replace that lost from his calf. We really do live in an age of miracles.

3. "What you doing, Mummy?" asks Alec in astonishment as I raise my arm to the traffic. The swaying double decker bus slows and halts -- what power have I.