Thursday, March 20, 2014

Smooth, on the mend and clean again.

1. This morning has gone well -- Bettany took her bub at 7am, rolled over and went back into a deep sleep. I bring Alec downstairs and dress him with my own hands; he is so co-operative that he has time to eat for a first breakfast (he has a second at nursery); and we all remember to say the things he likes to hear at the door: "See you later Alligator" and "Have a good day". After the door shuts Bettany is still asleep so I get some work done and eat my breakfast alone.

2. My poor Bettany looks less like spots covering a girl and more like a girl with spots.

3. I am so pleased to see our cleaning lady: she has been away for a couple of weeks and the relief cleaner we had lined up refused to come when she heard about the chicken pox (not that I blame her at all, but our house does get so sad and dusty if not attended to diligently).