Thursday, March 06, 2014

Bright, prune and care.

1. It is warm enough and bright enough that I can open the back door and let the children tumble in and out as they please.

2. To take out all my frustration on the jasmine bush by giving it a damn good pruning.

3. Alec still won't get his chicken pocky body into the bath, but at least tonight I'm allowed to wipe him down -- and, more importantly to my maternal mind, check that none of the spots have become infected. He asks to have his back rubbed while I am settling him off to sleep and I can feel the nobbles through his pyjamas.


  1. How is the patient getting on? When I read your previous post about tracking down Moas I thought he might be cured, but it sounds as though the poor man is still pocky :(

    Better to get it out the way at this age though, I didn't get chicken pox until I was 25!

    1. I was having a catch-up -- that post was from last Saturday. Alec is now fine, though. He is running around shouting and asking to go to the park. The spots have all crusted over so he is good to go.

      Were you very poorly with 25-year chicken pox? I've heard it can be worse if you're older. It certainly hasn't bothered Alec much: he refused all lotions because he said he liked the tickling.

    2. It was awful, sweating buckets, resisting the itching and being all too aware of everything. That's why Alec is so "lucky" to have gotten it out the way early.


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