Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catching up, not an emergency and burnt sugar.

1. To spend just a little time catching up with Katie and her girls over breakfast. I stop in on my run -- it's just not happening for me today and I'm glad of the break for a drink of water and a chat.

1b. It's quiet now that the menfolk have gone out and I am bubbing Bettany, so I call NHS111 to find out about her chicken pox. They ask me a lot of questions to make sure it's not an emergency we're having. It's irritating to have to go through it all every time, but I do feel a little stab of gratitude because my baby is smiling up at me. When a breastfeeding baby smiles you can see their tongue curled round in that particular, loveable way.

2. The burnt sugar taste of the caramel cappucino I enjoyed while "going out for a cuppacopy" with Alec this afternoon. And when the last mouthful of foam went down the wrong way, a glass of water appeared at my elbow. Fine Grind on Tunbridge Wells High Street is rapidly moving up my list of favourite coffee places.

3. Rosey is home. To chat with her and to try to talk about things other than the babies: Bettany is laughing to hear her voice, though, and Alec wants to tell Granny something important.