Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up, transaction and listening off to sleep.

1. To discover that I can still lift Alec, wellies and all, on to my shoulder when he is too tired and cross to walk.

2. I apologise to Alec for being cross and rather harsh; and he very elegantly apologises for the thing that made me lose my temper in the first place.

3. Alec and I drift off to sleep to a Beatrix Potter audiobook. I wake up in the middle of Johnny Town-Mouse and enjoy Timmy Willie's pleasure at going back to his garden.


  1. Number 2 is delightful. You are both raising your two children beautifully. Have you watched the Miss Potter film about Beatrix Potter's life? If not,I highly recommend it. Especially to you as a writer. Have a great day.

  2. You are bringing back lovely memories of my child raising days when we went to bed with Beatrix Potter books. My third child used to "memorise" the stories and say, "I'll read to you today." Or I'd doze off and wake to find her "reading" with all the same inflections I used. Thank you for these memories.


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