Friday, March 14, 2014

Tale of the Dinosaurs, free senses and wipe my hands.

I've got really badly behind again -- we're having a tough time with sleep at the moment, but we'll come through eventually.

1. Alec sits very still on the sofa listening to an audiobook of Peter Rabbit. Then he listens to half of Squirrel Nutkin. Only then do the questions about dinosaurs begin. It seems he was looking over my shoulder as I downloaded the Beatrix Potter collection, and thought I was getting the book with the purple dinosaur on the front.

2. Thursday afternoons, once the children are safe in nursery, are rather an assault on my senses. Freed from all the distractions of motherhood I notice pink cherry blossom and an elderly couple at the bus stop who move their heads like tortoises and a curious punning numberplate on a taxi and... and... and... It's all a bit much.

3. It is satisfying to clean Alec's very grimy hands with a baby wipe. He ran one palm along the crash barrier outside Hoopers, and I think even he was horrified by the result.


  1. Lovely beautiful things indeed . .. and no apologies for living life to report later when you can. A teaching colleague corrected me once when I said I was "behind in grading."
    "No, you are WORKING ON grading. Behind doesn't come into it until final grade reporting is due." It was a much more positive mind-set, better than chastising myself over self-imposed deadlines. I liked to start Monday mornings with everything caught up, which wrecked the weekends but gave me a moment of calm before the new week. I do think some of the students did appreciate getting work back in a timely manner.

  2. Lovely - so glad to reconnect with you here, Clare!


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