Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spoons, music and conked out.

1. The way Alec asks to be fed when he is cross or sad at mealtimes. It is hard work, like having two babies; but I know there will come a day when he won't ask for "spoon it spoon it".

2. It's been a tough day, no-one is napping and Alec has been testing, testing, testing his boundaries since the moment he woke. At supper time I remember that music sometimes brings everything back together. It's a bit desperate and a bit uncertain, like trying to repair split mayonnaise with hot water. It's not entirely effective, but I feel better for having tried and it was fun while it lasted.*

3. Oh what a blessing: they both fall asleep at 7pm.

* We have two Spotify playlists: a general one and one called Everyone Sit Down and Shut Up.


  1. Once I get this current round of hospital outpatients appointments behind me I promise I'll be over again to keep Alec entertained for a few minutes ;-)

  2. Thanks! I always marvel at your child amusing skills, and Alec loves visitors, particularly ones who play with him as patiently as you do.


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