Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Berries, sun and hunters.

1. Dried cranberries because of their glowing shade of red.

2. A shaft of sunlight falls down behind my desk and warms my legs as I work.

3. The film Ten Canoes.


  1. 4. Dried cranberries in pancakes. mmmmm

  2. Only just found your blog and think it's lovely. Are you really able to find 3 truly joyous things each day?I suppose it means taking greater notice of the small things. I did read about some research that demonstrated that doing something very similar was an effective way of promoting personal happiness. Anyway, I think I'll try and follow your example for a while. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  3. Joe -- I hadn't thought of that... might give it go. I expect they'll be those fat American pancakes, though, not our large floppy ones?

    Soulcompost -- I really am (but scraping the barrel is allowed within the rules). Do add me to your blogroll! I'll pop by and see how you're doing.

  4. Yes, they go great in our fat ones, with maple syrup. I haven't tried your large floppy ones. Guess I have to come to the UK and see what they are supposed to be like. Not like French crepes, are they?

  5. Joe -- yes, they are a bit like crepes, but less French.


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