Thursday, September 27, 2007

Keep moving, purple haze and fat pillows.

1. Watching high clouds moving quickly south in a blue sky.

2. The scent of lavender wafting out of Katie's bedroom. Jules has been trying to warm himself up with a bubble bath.

3. Shaking up my pillows to keep them plump.

PS: 3BT is going to sponsor The Adventurists on their trip to Mongolia in a one litre car.


  1. Now the weather has turned I'm under instruction to stock up on Radox.

  2. Lavender bubble bath - sounds refreshing.

  3. Well Donw for sponsoring the Mongol Rally! A friend, just graduated from Cambridge, did it this year, had a whale of a time. I wish your team a huge amount of fun & luck!

  4. i became sold on lavender when i visited your lovely country a few years ago. i do love that aroma. i'm phasing to more "autumn appropriate" scents for the cooler weather, but the scent of lavender is now one of my favorites!


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