Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blue shoes, invincible and desert.

1. Oli brings Elodie to the door. She is wearing the blue bamboo wool boots that Katie knitted for her and is looking very contented as she snuggles against the dribble rag draped over Oli's shoulder.

2. Being splashed by a car when I am wearing waterproofs.

3. The words 'Do you want a chocolate pudding or a jelly?'


  1. The park warden was checking the little red and yellow roundabout works OK by spinning it round and round really fast. The swings were also moving so I presume she'd checked those too. I wonder if she tested to slide?

  2. The man of my house bought a 4-pack of little chocolate puddings for a treat and offered to share them with me. He then proceeded to eat them all. I pouted. He bought me my own package of 4 puddings. Unbeknownst to me he'd also purchased TWO packages for himself. Silly glutton.

    But yes, the answer would be chocolate pudding, of course.

  3. thank goodness you were wearing waterproofs. there's a thin line between comedy and tragedy in this world. looks like the rain slicker and rubber boots placed you securely on the comic side that day!


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